Sentach powered up

Put the motor in and re-balanced it. Flew at around 14:00ish under power with about a 30kt NNE (15.43m/s) for backup glideability. Flew so well. Only hit about half throttle with a 4s. Had heaps of lift, so I’d say I could max out at about 1kg payload with more throttle. Now onto a flight controller before sticking the head tracker in.

Flight weight – 1414g

New COG –  280mm from the L.E.

Zamten – Flying wing with a quad chassis

Prototype from fibre glass panel either side. Joiner tubes –> Tapped some 6.2mm alloy tube with an M5 thread. Joined with M5 (thread length 17mm). Carved wing quickly with 50mm thick EPS foam (12kg/m^3) using 60 grit sand paper.