Gemot V2.5 prototype test.

Looking at V2 and scratching my head on how to improve the flyability of the design, I took to it with a blade and a roll of packing tape. It was already flying well as it self rights and doesn’t go into dead spins (tip stall). The other day I was teaching Shervin to fly and we were trying to put the wing in the worst possible positions to see if we could lose control. Fail on failing!

Now it’s even more stable. Yesterday there was not much wind, but it went very well. This video shows some very hairy flying failures in areas of bad air and almost every time I could still regain control. Again I was trying to make it fail by flying wrong.

Till next blog.


What it’s all about…. fun fun!!

This is what it’s all about. Hanging out with a few mates on a beautiful clifftop or at a windy beach having a few laughs while flying RC gliders. Not too complicated and if you crash, hey, it’s only a piece of foam!! Tape it back together, or glue it with some 5 minute epoxy and throw it back out into the sky. Fun, fun!!


Laminated and ready to fly.

The latest incarnation of Gemot V2. CNC milled EPS foam core covered in a paper laminate. The paper is ordinary A4 80gsm copy paper. The hinge points on the control surfaces are ‘Bear’ brand PVC duct tape (the black sections in the photo). There is no reflex in the control surfaces as stabilisation is managed by the foil shape itself. It’s a very forgiving wing to fly as it want to self stabilise from even the most awkward stalls. The flap allows the wing to slow down and grip in much lighter air.

Starting now.

Hello to all.

This is the new company blog for WingFocus. The posts prior to this date I have brought across from FoilDB,com because they are relevant to the development story behind our planes.  Apart from that this blog is purely focused on flying wings. At the moment mostly the slope soaring kind. You can also find us on Instagram .

Currently Gemot V2.0 is available on ebay.  The EPS foam chassis is milled here in Ballina, NSW, Australia.

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Test flights of both Zawlade and Gemot.